The Band Together development team is comprised of three game design students who developed most of the game over their summer break. Zack Wiesnoski, Thatcher Christeaan, and Danielle Olson were overseen by indie game producer Dave Taylor, (Doom, Quake, Abuse, Karateka). Art direction and overall game design was provided by John Chalfant, best known for his stunning character work in Warcraft 3, his design work on Arthas (the "Lich King") featured in World of Warcraft, his many collaborations with renowned filmmaker David Lynch, and most recently for the iconic key art used to promote Batman: Arkham City.

In Band Together, the goal is to rescue tiny creatures called Bandies, so named for their propensity to band together, by waking them up with candlelight and guiding them through 30 intricate cardboard dioramas bristling with homemade traps, such as thumbtack death machines, pencil pits, and rolling baseballs.  The dioramas are designed and constructed by the young tinkerer Michael Silverstein (nicknamed "Midge" by the mean kids at school because he has tiny hands). As the game progresses, players are taken through Midge's secret journal, which details his experiments on the Bandies.

The game supports the crisp Retina displays of the new iPad. Owners of the iPad 2 and New iPad looking to adopt and download their own collection of Bandies can find Band Together on the Apple App Store.

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